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Former Arizona Gov. Fife Symington EXPOSED

I guess I need to spend some time looking at all the Governors of the states.  This one is obvious.
I don’t need to say anything I’ll let the images speak on its own.

John Ramsey is Fife former Gov of AZ

The proof


And there you have it.


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  1. Berta /

    John Hickenlooper gov of Colorado…really? These names are pretty outrageous in themselves.

  2. Berta /

    Once again an ear match. Don’t even need biometrics. It’s great to have this awareness of ears and how they are like finger prints.
    But please, the father of Jonbenet? Does this fake story ever die? Not while mileage and money are still available from it. Meanwhile the actor goes
    on to become governor.
    Yes, Ed, shall we make wagers on how many governors are actors? Maybe we ought to speculate on how many are actually the person they say they are. Since the office of governor is lucrative in every state, my guess is that all are actors. There’s just too much power and positioning to have that office go to just “anyone.”

    • Everyone from city council on up are all actors.

    • JustnAmurrican /

      City governments? Examples? thanks

      • Berta /

        Do just a little math and think on this. Not spoon fed and all the thinking and examples given to you.
        If 1% of the population is in cahoots with the controllers, than 350 million X .01= 3 million five hundred. Divide by fifty states and you have seventy thousand people per state who could conceivably play the game.
        Now, go to a few city council meetings and listen and watch. Listen and watch at city council election time. See who gets in. Enough has been shown on this website to raise awareness. Now you must think for yourself.

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