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Another Lying Police Chief

The Brother of Dan Aykroyd is a police Chief and a liar.

Deal with him and make an example for the rest of the liars in office.

Peter Dale, Chief of Harahan, Louisiana <a  href=

Police Department is Realy Peter Aykroyd. The brother of Dan ." width="600" height="582" /> Peter Dale, Chief of Harahan, Louisiana Police Department is Realy Peter Aykroyd. The brother of Dan Aykroyd

Guess you can just sit back and wait for a hoax event to happen where he is Chief if it hasn't happened already and I missed it.  Or you can expose him and hold him accountable for lying to the people about who he is and that he is really Canadian.

But this story is not done as you will see much more about him and the rest of his Desilu connection in my upcoming DVD release.

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  1. motocross /

    I’m calling Peter Dale’s office Monday and questioning how they can have a Police Chief from Canada in charge of a U.S. jurisdiction. Sometimes being an old woman can have it’s advantages in asking blunt, straight forward (naive) questions, smirk~

  2. IT--II--IT /

    ——————– – – HURL the tell–lie–vision – –
    ——————————————— – – and ALL talking imaged and EYE CON–jobs.

  3. And now some moved Northwest. God love it Ed. You are catching on! I have not told you a lie.

  4. Yea, anything you can do to keep the focus of all this sh*t in south Louisiana will have a big pay off… That’s for sure.

    Baton Rouge was the MAIN HUB for all the fake shooting hoaxy ass bullsh*t Alton Stirling, Dallas, and then back to Baton Rouge for the Grand Finale fake staged police circus Drills that we all witness on the T.V.

    Hang in there, Ed…