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A Chartered Reality By Ed Chiarini This should sum it all up for you and give you a way to fight back. To learn more become a member at is the only independent source of information out there. We do our own research and back up our facts while I put my birth name on it which means I back it.

If you rely on corporate news to get the truth you ar fooling yourself. If your source is backed or endorse a business or corporation, then you are being lied to. The power is in the hands of the independent individual reporter but even then if they don’t use their birth name to report it they are not putting themselves in the position to be held accountable therefore I would recommend you beware of their information.


  1. Oh, Hey…! Donald Trump says the Earth is Flat… Yea, that’s right..

    Say’s he fly’s around a lot and figures it’s flat…



  2. Charles king /

    I just read on another site that this video is not done by goldbug but an imposter. I am not familiar enough to say anything. The poster sounded liget but I don’t believe much of anything.

  3. Thanks ED! Will you give your opinion on whether or not these bloodline families are actually royalty, or if that is just a name/storyline by they which call themselves?

  4. Damn excellent, Ed…


  5. Charles king /

    Fully agree. The msm is illusion. And with the exception of wellare1 the so called alternative conspiracy sites are also illusion. The ‘awake’ crowd is in many ways In a deeper coma than the everyday herd animal. Any alternative website with a big following is a psyop unless someone can direct me to a authentic one. No knowledge is better than wrong knowledge.

    • Yes you are absolutely correct. The media was created by the military industrial complex and has been used exclusively by them to control the world. They are all owned by the Royals who invested in the colonies and they own the charter of the United States.

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