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9/11 Pentagon

The following items were discussed during my interview by James Fetzer. See the videos and follow along. We cover a range of topics including:

  • The logical presentation of “NO Plane” hitting the World Trade Buildings
  • The Pentagon – damage showing how they pulled it off,
  • The lack of any evidence for and a vast amount of evidence proving that no energy weapon was used to take down the World Trade buildings.

We also discuss the recent HOAX shootings (as they all have been fake from day one) those images and information is found on their respective pages.

The Real Deal hosted by James Fetzer Part 1

The Real Deal hosted by James Fetzer Part 2

Spray Evidence


We clearly see the cone-shaped patterns that are due to an accelerant being sprayed from the pipe that is the sprinkler system. Therefore, it makes sense that we see the strange shape pattern on the roof as the fire followed the pipes inside the hump on the buildings roof. As the pipes got too hot, the solder broke free and you then have a big mess as the kerosene from the green cans (the helicopter fuel) would ignite sand leak spreading the fire even more.



Latest FRAUD







You can see the middle ring, the three dishes shaped antenna with attached helical designed antenna, used to communicate with and guide drone aircraft. This set up could easily have been used to guide the C-130 aircraft that was visible swooping down as an almost touch and go landing maneuver over the Pentagon. This also explains the debris that was suddenly there after the first firefighters arrived and extinguished the fire. Only to have them reignite and keep burning for two days so they could get their photo ops in time.



 Pentagon Damage


As I have stated in the video, you can see the odd shaped burn pattern on the rooftop beam or hump that covers the water sprinkler pipe. As the precise reduced the flame would have receded into the pipe bursting the connections, along with the heat generated by the central fire would have ignited the fuel in the system. This explains why we see the fire follow that particular right.


So where did the fuel come from to keep the fire burning so long? That is answered by the green canisters we see on the lawn.



Green Canisters of Fuel




Decontamination of the workers covered in fuel


How would there be any jet fuel left if it was burning for so long?



No Cover

Anyone in the military can tell you when you enter a building, and you have your air force blues on your cap get removed and folds under your belt. When you walk outside, you put your cap back on.  At no time does that cap go any other place other than those two places or in your hand.  There are several military personnel visible in the photos missing their caps.  You might not think this is anything but to a vet it clearly shows these people are actors and wardrobe didn’t give them a cap or someone didn’t tell them the rules to stay in uniform.  To make matters worse, this person is an officer.  NO WAY would he not have his cap.


Note the dot on his rank, that’s not just a Chief that’s a Command Chief Master Sargent without his cover on? No way


Additional 9/11 Actors







The same actor in NY on 9/11 all grown up at Dallas Occupied protest.



other actors


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