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7/7 London Bombing HOAX

Same family of actors just doing what they do best.  Scamming the public and supporting the actor based reality the public believe is real but in reality is just s scripted out fiction the media conglomerates use as their content.









  1. Brian Pearson /

    The stupid propaganda continues to spew from British Bullshit Corporation and is truly relentless! Not sure if you are aware but there are still many brain dead drones over here who dutifully pay (law enforceable) licence fee which ‘allows’ them to soak up their daily dose of brainwashing from their Big Brother. Thank you again for your powerful (much needed) wake up munitions Ed!

    • Thanks. Unfortunately the same goes for over here. My hope is that foreign influence will be more of a wake-up call for those here in the states since we are wellaware the mainstream media is owned and is the tool they use to condition us with. Therefor we will never see anything that is to our benefit broadcast within the US about the US. But supplying the ammo to foreign Wellaware individuals I think is the key that is needed to force the elites hand.

  2. stefan /

    At the time this event was really painful for me, since it was close to my home and I was still a child, not being able to rationalize these things. I know it was fake, about 8 years later. But now it is great to see the real faces attached to the hoax.

    This event is one of the reasons why I keep supporting wellaware1. I’m not American, so I cannot relate to most lokal events. 9/11, this event and JFK are close to me. Since these things where propagated in my country.

    How these people terrorize the world with their bullshit offences me. They think they have to right to do this and not knowing how they can scar people, including and not in the last place children.

    • EXACTLY! That is the reason why I am willing to fight like I do. I made a choice long ago to not stay silent no matter how much it cost me. I knew doing the right thing meant I would not be able to live a normal life or have a normal relationship once I took a step down that path. Thank you for the support, without it I would not be able to fight this fight.

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