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As I’ve stated before in previous stories, our President Obama is not who he claims to be. In fact, he is a son of Richard Pryor, the comedian. Rain Pryor, his other daughter is Michelle.  This makes them half-brother and sister. We can see that Obama has another half sister (Maya)  Who is clearly the other Pryor daughter.  As we can see in the photographs. But the question has always been then who are the children who do they belong to.


The daughters are Jamie Foxx’s



Michelle Obama


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Well, we’ve finally found the answer to this issue, and it appears to be Jamie Foxx. The daughters of our president are the daughters of Jamie Foxx, the actor. I do believe that Michelle or Rain as her name would be, does have a child as we heard are set up in the interview that was broadcast on the chip. Where she claimed herself to be a single parent raising a child and then called her and sometimes said it feels that way when her husband the president is away so often.


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  1. Lyn Utermark /

    before you completely count it out, analyze Whitney and tell me what you see, you know the president never half stagged a flag for an entertainer ever… But they did for Whitney Houston.
    And why would they make Michell so ugly? Whitney was so beautiful, It was to throw us off… like they did with Chelsea Holloway….
    Richard Pryor’s close friends were all reincarnated as if he was just following suit: Radner, Bolushi, Reeves, Robin Williams…
    Also I do believe that Obama is the comedian Richard Pryor, “first wife?” He was married 5 times. They were both blind in one eye. They both have chin scars same place, same shape, He is always scripted, because they are afraid he is going to say the word “FUCK” ha ha ha As in how Trump calmed down on the insults after he started scripting.
    I also noticed how much time he spends with his old friiends…. Like Bill Cosby’s new charactor…. in South Africa, for one example…. he has SNL coming ot of the woodworks since his election, people are dying to get a position in congress… I don’t have to name them al yuou have them all in your videos….

  2. Lyn Utermark /

    I just don’t see Michelle Obama as his half sister… she still looks like a man to me. but it sure does make sense that his grandfather was Marshal Davis, and his crack head father, Richard Pryor, like father like son. I knew he was an actor of some kind, discerning him was easy. thanks for sharing your website.

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